Donna Berry

Donna Berry, RN

Case Management
Trinitas Regional Medical Center
Elizabeth, New Jersey
United States

Donna loves her job and it shows. We had a patient diagnosed with Sheehan’s syndrome. On the day of discharge Donna helped me set up all the appointments, as well as called the Diabetes center and begged for a glucometer. Donna and even walked over to pick it up. She made calls to the women’s health center to secure follow up visits for the patient and even called some colleagues to help find an MD that would take the patients insurance once she was discharged.

The patient and I were so grateful for all Donna’s help. She really went above and beyond to make sure this patient had a safe discharge and went home with all her follow up care needs in place. To add to this, the patient had a newborn at home as well as 2 other children to care for. She left here with a smile on her face and relieved that her discharge plan was so comprehensive.

Nomination submitted by Flora Navarro, RN