Donald Griffin

Donald Griffin

Donald Griffin, RN

Emergency Department
Kaiser Permanente Ontario Medical Center
Ontario, California
United States

On January 8th I had an unfortunate incident with my daughter where we had to visit the ER at Kaiser in Ontario. As her mother I was terrified and worried for my daughter, all I wanted to hear were positive outcomes of all the tests that were done to her. As any parent would be in this situation, I was worried sick and half the time I couldn't think straight. Plus I would look at my daughter and she was scared and crying too. Fortunately, we came across two wonderful, excellent nurses, Kim and Don.

Kim was so nice and helpful; reassuring my daughter that everything was going to be okay. She even took her time to pull off the tapes on her skin when it was time to leave. She was so helpful and sweet to both my daughter and me.

Don was the best. He melted my heart with the stories he told my 5 year old daughter. He brought many smiles to her on that day. He also gave her Wally the Walrus, a stuffed animal that he went to get from God knows where to bring it to her. She was so happy and excited to see her new friend. He told her a story saying he couldn't keep him anymore and Wally needed a new place to live. Immediately my daughter accepted the gift and she had been taking Wally to bed every night with her ever since. She says that Wally will take care of her at night so she won't have to go to the hospital again.

Everyone who helped my daughter on that horrific day were all angels and God knows how much I appreciate the reassurance Kim gave and for all the smiles Don brought to my daughter's scared little face. I am really happy for the great service Kaiser has provided my family and I hope these two wonderful nurses are recognized among their colleagues for their kind hearts and hard work.

I thank God for good people like Kim and Don. God Bless!

To Kim: Please continue to be the sweet, loving nurse, especially to all the children you meet.

To Don: Thank you for the love and comfort my daughter received with Wally, but most of all to going out of your way to do such a kind act.