Dolores Cantlon

Dolores “Dee” Cantlon

Dolores Cantlon, RN

Emergency Department
Olympic Medical Center
Port Angeles, Washington
United States
Dee eased my worries about everything.

Can I say enough wonderful things about this experience? It was scary. I was scared for my baby. We were coming in with a fever of 104. He wasn't keeping anything down; he was super mad and boiling hot. Dee was so organized. She came in with the knowledge necessary to do what was right. She eased my worries about everything. I was afraid that my baby had COVID-19, and I had a lot of questions. Dee validated my fears and assured me that they would take all the steps to figure out how to best help my baby. The entire team was gentle and caring, even when he was not thrilled to see them. Thank you a million times over!