Dino Loren Bautista

Dino Loren Bautista, RN

St. Vincent Medical Center (CA)
Los Angeles, California
United States

I am an employee here at St Vincent Medical Center and Dino Loren Bautista has been my nurse more than once, when I have been in the unit. He has always been compassionate, but last Christmas I was admitted to the hospital and had surgery. When Dino learned this, he came up after his shift and stayed with me for awhile. He understood how difficult it was to be in the hospital over a holiday. Before leaving he made certain I had everything I needed.

My experience with Dino goes beyond just being a patient. Recently he was assigned to be a super user on the collection manager project. Dino took time with each person in the ED on his shift to ensure fellow associates knew how to use the product and were comfortable with it. When I would check progress I would hear “I got it - Dino showed us”.

The same thing occurred during the Teletracking go live. He went to class and quickly understood the program, and what needed to be done. He assisted other staff members when they had problems making it easier on all of us working on the Go-Live. He is a wonderful nurse and co-worker. I am proud to nominate him for the DAISY Award.