Dianne Banta

Dianne Banta

Dianne Banta, RN

Cardio Neuro Intensive Care Unit
Saint Vincent Hospital Allegheny Health Network
Erie, Pennsylvania
United States

My mom was admitted to the Cardio Neuro Intentive Care Unit and wasn’t doing well.  I flew in on a red-eye flight to be with my family. My mom started showing improvement but then had a quick decline.

Dianne found our family in the waiting area and was giving us detailed updates when the doctors were not available.  She answered so many questions and those she couldn’t answer she would quickly retrieve a doctor.  She watched over my mother and caught a mistake on the orders. Thankfully, she was so familiar with her case.

Dianne even came in on her day off to visit my mother on the day she was being released and gave her a get well card that her child made.  It was so meaningful and so precious, just like Dianne!