Diann Hough

Diann Hough, RN

Athens Regional Medical Center
Athens, Georgia
United States

Here’s what Diann’s nominator said:
When I was admitted and taken to my room, I was told that someone would be in to care for me. After about 20 minutes, my nurse showed up and apologized for the wait. The first thing she asked was “how are you doing?” I was used to the nurse showing up and saying “Ok, I got your meds.” She told me to tell her how I was feeling so that she could better assist me. I told her my situation, and what I was feeling at that moment. She asked questions that a concerned doctor or a friend of some period of time would ask.
I just want to say that Diann Hough has all the qualifications of integrity. Even when I saw her in the hallway, she was still carrying on the same demeanor that people look up to one for. She is someone a person is not ashamed to share their feelings with. She doesn’t know it, but I’ve named her “The Lady with the Open Heart”. That is how I see her when I am telling my mother and father about her.