Diane M. Rodriguez

Diane Rodriguez

Diane M. Rodriguez, RN

Operating Room
Southern Arizona VA Health Care System
Tucson, Arizona
United States
Diane's demeanor with patients is kind, caring and compassionate.

Compassion – Diane Rodriguez knows what it is like to be on the patient side of care and she treats the veterans as if they were her own family. Her demeanor with patients is kind, caring and compassionate.  She takes the time to answer questions, calm their fears and get to know them.

Attentive - Diane puts the care of the patient and their family at the top of her priority list. She always takes the time to make sure that the patient and her team has everything they need to have the best outcome possible for the Veteran.

Responsive - Diane anticipates the needs of the patient; her years of experience has taught her to know what the patient, physician, or team needs before they even know they need it.

Intelligent - Diane knows the answer to any question we in the unit have. If she doesn't know everything we need to know, she knows how to find the answer and always follows up and shares the information with the rest of the team.

Nice - Diane is a preceptor and orients new nurses to the unit. She sets an excellent example of patient care using the ICARE model.

Going Above and Beyond - Diane recently had a case where the patient status changed from a ward inpatient to ICU. She used every resource available to her to reach out to the family to make sure that the family knew that their loved one was going to be admitted to the ICU. This is one example of how she cares.

There are countless ways that nurses make an impact on patients.  Our unit’s nurses have very little time with patients, so it is important to make every minute count.  Diane does this every day and I am super proud to know her.  She is a stellar nurse and I love learning from her!