Diane DeCourcy

Diane DeCourcy

Diane DeCourcy, RN

Infusion Center
Augusta Health (VA)
Fishersville, Virginia
United States

Each day I have the opportunity to work with Diane is a blessing. She is a constant reminder of why I love nursing. Diane is a superb leader and an outstanding nurse. She has no problem switching between the many roles nurses take on when giving care to their patients. Those roles may include caregiver, teacher, advocate, or counselor. Time and time again I have seen her fulfill these roles with ease and make such a positive impact on her patients. I have worked with Diane for two years and I have witnessed countless situations where she went above and beyond; not because she had to, but because it is who she is. Above and beyond is her standard.

A lady we were seeing on a regular basis in our department was usually positive and comical. One weekend she came in and Diane noticed the patient's body language wasn't the same. Diane met her in the treatment room and immediately pulled up a chair next to her. She placed her hand on the client's hand, looked her in the eyes and said, " Tell me what's going on, what happened between yesterday and today." Diane sat there and gave her undivided attention. Diane quickly figured out the lady was in a lot of pain. Diane explained all aspects of her care and why it was important for her to be aware of her pain management, as well as concern for her overall healing process. She gave the patient perspective on realistic outcomes. By the end of the conversation they were sharing pictures of kids and grandkids and giggling about family stories. The patient expressed just how much she appreciated Diane taking her time to help her gain more understanding, and to be there in such a overwhelming time of need.

Another patient was from out of state, visiting our area for a family funeral. She herself had recently been diagnosed with cancer. We were taking care of an intense wound she had post surgery to help eradicate her cancer. One can only imagine the emotional state she was in when we met her, a sudden death in the family, recent cancer diagnosis, a large wound that needed skilled care, and new surroundings. Diane talked to her throughout the entire wound dressing, coaching her through relaxation techniques, such as breathing, relaxing facial muscles, and thinking of positive thoughts. Her husband held one hand and I held the other, while Diane did the wound care. Before we knew it, we were reminiscing with them about their honeymoon several years back. They began to tell us how those were such fond memories and key points about the trip they will never forget. When it was time for us to say goodbye, she poured out her gratitude for such outstanding care. She and her husband said they had never come across such compassionate care, and wished somehow they could switch healthcare providers. Weeks after her visit she called just to say she was thinking of us and to once again thank Diane for her exceptional care.She told Diane she would love nothing more than to fly her out to be her full time nurse.

No matter how busy Diane is in her day, she will always make her patients her priority, as though they are her only one for the day.