Diane Barfknecht

Diane Barfknecht

Diane Barfknecht, RN

SSM Health, St. Clare Hospital - Baraboo
Baraboo, Wisconsin
United States
What impressed me was Diane's cheerful, upbeat optimism. She treated my mother with much dignity, understanding, and unwavering patience.

In the past two years, as caretaker for both of my parents, both of whom have gone from assisted living to memory care, I have made several trips to the ER with both.  Father was diagnosed with bladder cancer and passed away just months later with numerous hospitalizations that began in the ER.

Consequently, I have had the good fortune of meeting several members of the St. Clare ER staff in spite of the circumstance.  I have always appreciated their efficiency, kindness, and dedication to their professions.

This past month, my mother was taken to the ER for severe constipation.  The eventual prognosis was dire.  Mother was in good spirits and relatively pain-free during her stay but due to her dementia, she began to be a challenge with her IV as well as her heart monitors and her condition did not improve as time passed during our 6-hour stay.

Diane was not the initial nurse but came in about halfway through our stay.  What impressed me was her cheerful, upbeat optimism. She treated my mother with much dignity, understanding, and unwavering patience.  Mother was continually setting off alarms due to moving her arms.  Diane had to re-insert her IV a couple of times. Yet, she always came in with a genuine, warm, reassuring smile.

More than anything, I was in awe of Diane's respect for mother; talking to her rather than explaining to me and my siblings despite Mother's dementia.  She was communicating with us by talking to mother.  Diane did not exhibit frustration or impatience.

Finally, it was decided to move Mother to St. Mary's in Madison.  Diane assisted getting Mother ready for the transfer and assisted the ambulance team; reassuring her that she would be having a great ride with a wonderful team to a great hospital.

Mother spent five days at St. Mary's and has had a good recovery.

Thanks, Diane for making the ER visit reassuring and pleasant.