Devin Donegan

Devin Donegan

Devin Donegan, RN

Truman Medical Center
Kansas City, Missouri
United States
Devin has been a positive influence for the team and new nurses alike.

Devin has been a positive influence on the team and new nurses alike.

Devin recently served as preceptor for a nurse resident who struggled with time management and critical thinking skills. Devin provided me with a weekly progress report of the nurse residents’ performance and helped set realistic goals and expectations. As a result, Devin had a huge part in the resident’s success. Devin provided honest feedback, continuous coaching, support, and guidance. He is determined to help produce great future nurses.

Devin makes knowledgeable clinical decisions based on what is best for the patients while taking time to truly connect with them. While his methods can be viewed as eccentric or unorthodox, Devin has proven to be a skilled and devoted nurse who marches to the beat of his own drum! We are so fortunate to have Devin on our ICU team.