Desiree Goff

Desiree Goff, BSN, RN

Bronson Methodist Hospital
Kalamazoo, Michigan
United States
she treated me, not some algorithm or check sheet

Desiree was my pre-op nurse today, and she could not have been better! She got my IV in on the first try (one of only four in my life who have), took the time to listen to my concerns, advocated for me with the anesthesiologist, and really went above and beyond at every step. Her caring demeanor calmed me and my husband down on a very stressful morning, and she treated me, not some algorithm or check sheet. Frankly, Desiree needs to train others on how to prep patients for surgery and treat patients in general. She gets it. She read my chart closely (also rare, in my experience), listened to me, put the time in to really look for the right vein, and advocated for me when I needed it most. She is top notch.