Derek Cousino

Derek Cousino

Derek Cousino, RN

Oakwood Healthcare System
Dearborn, Michigan
United States

Here is an exceptional example of a Christmas Wish granted by the team at Oakwood-Dearborn.

One elf in particular should be recognized as leading the way to make this happen. Derek Cousino on 5N is coming into his own as being an example as the kind of leader we want more of here. His kindness and compassion is something to put forth as an example of making that connection with the patients we serve. He deserves the recognition for making the following happen:

There was a patient on Derek's unit who was in Michigan working and had an unfortunate experience of falling off the roof and breaking several bones. His wife in Tennessee was expecting twins very soon and it was looking as though he would miss the opportunity to be at birth.

The patient first contacted Barb Ferrari to see if we had a phone that he could get pictures sent to of his children when they were born. Barb called Derek at that time and they brainstormed that perhaps they could go one step further and Skype the event. Calls were made to the Hospital in Tennessee, Derek brought in his own Ipad, downloaded Skype and tested it to make sure all would be a go for the big day.

Unfortunately, the hospital in Tennessee was unable to provide a computer or tech support for the wife. Nancy Gray even called Target and Best Buy in Tennessee to see if they would donate a computer, but it would take too long go through the steps required to happen on time. All were disappointed to think that he would not be able to be there for his wife at such an important life event.

Discussing care in the trauma multidisciplinary rounds later that day it was determined that he was progressing well enough to be discharged, but how to get him home in time? This is where all of Oakwood sprang into action, with Derek coordinating the efforts.

Debra Thorn from Case Management called Delta airlines to see what it would take to get him home in time and made arrangements with Social Work to get him a wheelchair and homecare when he got home.

The Trauma Department expedited the discharge orders and prescriptions, Kelly Smith gave the blessing to "get it done" and Matt Legault's heart grew two sizes that day and okayed the payment for the plane flight. The only snag in the whole plan was that payment was due then. That is where Derek stepped up and made the plan come to reality by putting the plane fare on his credit card. I am happy to say that our patient will be by the bedside of his wife to witness the miracle of his twin's birth based on the kindness and generosity of everyone involved.