Derek Baker

Derek Baker, RN

St. Joseph Mercy Oakland (MI)
Pontiac, Michigan
United States

I couldn't have asked for a better caregiver. Derek Baker was very attentive, polite, kind, and professional and I felt that my husband was in such good hands that I was able to rest. I can't say enough positive things about him. This hospital is blessed to have him on their team.


Derek's performance and professional attitude were amazing. He was very attentive and kind. He was very efficient and on top of his job. I felt so confident with his care that I was able to rest just hours after my husband's quadruple bypass. He is definitely one of the best nurses that I have ever encountered.


Derek brings a positive attitude with him every day. We truly feel blessed to have him in our unit. I am so glad a family member recognized the attributes we see daily in Derek.