Denise Sweeney

Denise Sweeney, BSN, RN

Home Based Primary Care
Northport VA Medical Center
Northport, New York
United States
Due to Denise's commitment, dedication and advocacy, this veteran received the highest quality of care.

Denise demonstrates all I CARE values in her everyday practice. Denise was the care manager for Mr. K for approximately 3 years. This veteran was a quadriplegic since age 23 and had multiple comorbidities. Denise went above and beyond her call of duty for this veteran on a daily basis. During this past year, the veteran required a surgical procedure which was to take place at a nearby sister facility.  Denise remained in close contact with the surgeon at the treating facility.  The initial surgery was scheduled for May 2016. The veteran had some complications that extended the date.  Denise was committed to ensuring this surgery would be successful. She made sure the veteran was treated with antibiotics and completed the course as needed. She made sure he had his pre-op testing and that travel arrangements were made to and from the procedure.  The veteran ultimately had a successful surgery.  Upon discharge, Denise made a home visit and discovered the veteran had a left femoral hematoma. She immediately contacted the vascular surgeon and made the PCP aware. She also contacted the visiting nurse service to apprise them of her clinical findings. She advised the veteran and his family that they would require a follow-up appointment sooner than originally scheduled and they complied. The veteran then presented with an abdominal mass and initially denied a work up.  Sometime later the veteran decided he wanted a clear diagnosis. Denise ensured the veteran received the appropriate tests and radiologic scans. She made sure he was pre-medicated prior to CT scans due to reaction to the dye. Unfortunately, the results revealed a diagnosis of cancer. Denise observed the decline in the veteran’s condition prior to the results and therefore initiated the conversation regarding end of life. Initially, the veteran's family declined hospice. Denise gently discussed the veteran’s current condition and explained the benefits of hospice and the veteran and family agreed. The veteran expired in March, 2017. Due to Denise's commitment, dedication and advocacy, this veteran received the highest quality of care. She is an excellent clinician and truly cares for all veterans.