Denise Chong

Denise Chong

Denise Chong, RN, ASN, BSN, MSN

House Supervisor
Winter Haven Hospital and Winter Haven Women's Hospital
Winter Haven, Florida
United States

Denise Chong is the ultimate example of what a House Supervisor should be. She is a crucial part of the nursing team within the entire hospital.

Denise's main concern throughout the hospital is the care of the patients. She is instrumental in expediting the patients' care whether the patient can be treated by our facility or must be taken to a higher acuity facility.

Denise eloquently and flawlessly diffuses difficult situations with patient's families; furthermore, she is exceptionally compassionate to all families experiencing a loss of their loved one. In those situations, she provides a shoulder of support and sheds empathetic tears with those families.

As a professional, Denise goes the extra mile to act as a liaison between nurses and physicians in emergent situations. She knows and addresses everyone by name, and is sure to ask about every patient's care status.

We cannot think of any nurse more professional, personable, caring, or any more deserving of a DAISY Award than Denise.

Submitted by:

Pearlene Lee, RN, MICU - Rachel Lingenfelter, RN, MICU - Tara Simpson, RN, MICU

Brittany Parr, RN, MICU - Gavin Roache, NT, MICU - Patricia Emery, RN, SICU

Lisa Gaskins, RN, MICU - Roseline Blanc, RN, SICU - Daniel Garcia, RN MICU

Glory Varghese, RN, MICU - Elizabeth Smith, HUC, SICU - Brittany Chambless, RN, PACU