Denise Brown

Denise Brown

Denise Brown, RN

Med/Surg, Stroke/Telemetry Unit - Pavilion D
MidState Medical Center
Meriden, Connecticut
United States
Denise remained calm, kind and respectful.

My father was admitted to Pavilion D this week with cellulitis and delirium. Normally, he is a kind, calm, alert and oriented person, because of his new altered mental status I was allowed stay at his bedside. 

Throughout the night his confusion increased and he became violent. He spit his medication in the nurse's face twice (Denise Brown) and pulled the IV pole into bed and threatened to hit us with it.  

Despite these horrifying events, Denise was amazing!  She remained calm, kind and respectful. I felt like crying seeing my father that way and I was mortified that he had spit in Denise's face. Denise assured me that she was not angry with him or me and understood that he didn't know what he was doing. 

Denise kept me involved with the plan of care and listened to my suggestions. She made sure that I was comfortable, getting me a recliner and blankets and offering me coffee. She reassured me that my dad would get better and that this confusion and violence were only temporary due to the infection.

Although I am an experienced nurse of 11 years, I needed this special care and reassurance. The way that Denise practiced reminded me of what a nurse should be, an angel. Her example reminded me of how I should be as a nurse and inspired work to be more kind and compassionate in my own practice.