Denise Bridges

Denise Bridges

Denise Bridges, RN

Med /Surg
WellStar Kennestone Hospital
Marietta, Georgia
United States

Necie was taking care of a 90 year old woman one day. She found out that she only has one friend that helps her with things, shopping etc. The friend was going to Ireland for 3 months and the patient would not have anyone to check on her after her discharge.

Necie volunteered to check up on her after her discharge took her shopping and ran errands for this 90 year old patient. Necie will remain available for this woman if she needs anything. Nieces' mom is also helping out if Necie is unavailable.

Necie has gone above and beyond her call of duty by making sure this patient gets her grocery and have her meds picked up. She also made sure when she unavailable her mom checks on this patient.