Denise Booker

Denise Booker, BSN

Intermediate Critical Care - 5-East
University Medical Center (TX)
Lubbock, Texas
United States

Denise made a special connection with a patient and a family on our Nursing Unit. Taking care of a patient that had experienced multiple admissions on our floor, Denise not only took care of the patient, but also his family with whom she had developed a special bond. The family felt comfortable enough with Denise to contact her when the patient’s condition changed. The patient has since been discharged and transferred to another facility, but Denise continues to visit the patient and his family outside the hospital. What a wonderful example of service and compassion Denise has demonstrated – not only to this patient and family, but to our profession as a whole.
This is an outstanding example of how “Service is Our Passion” is exemplified by our DAISY Award Honoree, Denise Booker, BSN, RN. Congratulations!