Dena Santistevan

Dena Santistevan, RN

White Memorial Medical Center
Los Angeles, California
United States

Dena Santistevan RN

Nurses are nominated for the DAISY Award by patients or family members.
Here is what they had to say about Dena Santistevan, RN, 5North.
*Dena has worked on 5North since she joined the RN Residency Program
in March 2008,* said 5North Manager Alan Chhith, RN. *Her compassion
and caring attitude show through in her work. She gets compliment cards
from her patients and co-workers on a daily basis.*
*Dena has a glowing attitude that brightens my day,* said one
patient. *She walked with me and checked the surgical site often. She
anticipated my needs and made everything go smoothly.*
*Dena has been wonderful,* said another patient. *She has been
both very professional and responsive to my health needs. In addition,
she has been pleasant and inquisitive of my needs. She is a great
*Dena has given the best care,* said the family member of a
patient. *I actually found my mother in the best humor since several
days ago. That is the best feeling, to find her this way. Thank you.*