Debra Trocchi

Debra Trocchi

Debra Trocchi, RN

Emergency Department
Massachusetts Eye and Ear
Boston, Massachusetts
United States

I was at the front desk when a man who sounded very worried came running inside and said he needed a stretcher for his daughter, who had been seen in the ED the previous day for sudden vision loss. She was coming in today for a follow up, and was refusing to sit in a wheelchair so they needed a stretcher. I went to the ED and spoke to Debra asking what I should do. Deb said "Do not worry, let me take care of it."

Deb went outside and after speaking with the parents, she was able to get the very agitated girl in a wheelchair and brought her to the unit herself. Later I saw the happy parents with their now very calm patient. They said that everything went very well and for me to thank Deb.

This was not the first time that I asked for Deb's help. I've done it many times and every time this beautiful human being, who is more of an Angel, is ready to help. She has this very special way that we do not see every day. With kindness and professionalism she calms down the patients with her smooth voice and manner. She was definitely destined to be the Great Nurse that she is and we are very lucky to have her here at Mass Eye and Ear.