Debra Cava

Debra Cava, RN

Nursing Supervisor, ICU
Westchester Medical Center
Valhalla, New York
United States

Debra Cava is currently a Nursing Supervisor who covers mostly the Critical Care areas. She is constantly navigating the flow of patients, reassigning staff to appropriate areas to ensure our mission of "world class care". Debbie often takes the brunt of frustration from patients, family members, staff, and physicians. She listens carefully and dutifully and often is able to redirect and defuse the situation. All of the decisions made are based on what is best for the patient. She does this with a level of unassuming confidence and dedication.

1/11/15 there was a storm and ice covered the east coast. The ER had 11 traumas and was overwhelmed. In just doing her job, Debbie worked tirelessly to assist, deploying staff from each ICU, and remained in the ER to ensure operations continued. When Debbie is working, we all take a "sigh" of relief knowing all will be well.