Debra A. Brown

Debra A. Brown

Debra A. Brown, RN, CCRN

WellStar Paulding Hospital
Hiram, Georgia
United States

I would like to take the time to say thank you to the wonderful nurse who took care of my mother while she was in the ICU in March. Debra Brown, RN was truly a gift from God for me and my family on that terrifying day. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of last year and had been undergoing chemotherapy. She experienced several bumps in the road during her treatment and had to be admitted a few times at Paulding hospital. The staff at Paulding have always gone above and beyond the call of duty and provided my mother with exceptional care. But, Debra stands out among all of them.

In March of this year, my mom was admitted for what they thought was pneumonia. She was admitted to the 5th floor on a Thursday and by Saturday her condition had severely worsened and she was moved to the ICU. On her third day in the unit, she was intubated after having a procedure. Her blood pressure was dropping and she was on multiple live-saving medications. As a nurse, I knew the situation was grim and I was absolutely terrified. Debra was the calming force that took over my mom's care. She was 100% in charge of the situation in front of her and her high level of skill was evident. Even though she was a busy bee, she still made time to keep me and my family informed of what was happening. The decision was made to transfer my mom to Kennestone for a higher level of intensive care. Without thinking twice, Debra volunteered to ride in the ambulance with my mom as she was being taken to the next hospital. The transport team did not arrive until after 6pm and even though Debra was scheduled to finish her shift at 7pm, she did not hesitate to stay with my mom and see her through the transfer process. It was well after 9pm before Debra returned to Paulding to finish her shift.

Debra was truly an angel for my mother that day. Her high level of skill, compassion, and dedication to her work were evident in everything she did for us. There truly aren't enough words to adequately thank her for all she did for us!