Deborah Hall

Deborah Hall, RN BSN

Nursing Manager
Baptist Memorial Hospital - Collierville
Collierville, Tennessee
United States

I can think of many reasons why Debbie Hall deserves to be nominated for the Daisy Award. Most people don’t know the things that Debbie does behind the scenes. She is the one that makes the Daisy presentation so special for everyone else. From the planning to implementation of the Daisy Award, everything is perfect and the winner is made to feel so special thanks to Debbie’s hard work. Every detail is well thought out and nothing is left undone down to the smallest of details.
Secondly, Debbie is so compassionate about Patient Family Centered Family. You can see her face light up when there are any discussions regarding PFCC. Once again Debbie is working behind the scenes to make sure staff has the tools needed to provide exceptional care to our patients and families. Debbie is never too busy to help any of us and doesn’t expect anything in return because of the person she is. Debbie doesn’t provide direct patient care and does not like attention however, without her hard work this would not be possible. Debbie is a colleague and a friend that makes my job easier. She is most deserving of this award.
Carol Pahde, RN

Debbie has really impacted the Intern Program at Baptist Collierville. She is facilitating placements in more areas that need Intern help and providing more broad clinical experiences for the nursing students. The Interns are more satisfied with their jobs and are more able to help with patient care because of Debbie’s influence on the program.
Debbie gives a lot of herself in her leadership role in nursing. She spends extra time and effort to make sure a project gets done and done right! She wants to recognize employees and their contributions to patient care. She wants to see the bedside nurses be involved and get credit for doing a great job. She never wants to take credit for her own excellent work.
Debbie has tons of energy to devote to the Patient and Family Centered Care program at Baptist Collierville. She wants all the staff to see our organization through the eyes of patients and their families and how we can best serve them.
Karen Blenis, RN

Days become seamless as they flow from one to another. Time passes quickly and too often we are so rushed by life that we move about in a haze of hurriedness and anxiety; never really looking at the now but striving to get to the future. But we should stop every so often and make a conscious effort to appreciate where we are and who we are with. It is especially important to look at who we are with. There are people we meet in life that help us to learn and are wonderful influences for us. Do we truly appreciate them?
I’d like to take a moment to appreciate a person who works diligently for the patients at our hospital. Too often we only think of nurses that are at the bedside as the people who care for our patients. That is not true. Without the constant, and I mean constant, support of the people who make things happen in the background there would be no patient care. With no one to order the supplies, how will the nurse take the patient’s blood pressure? With no one to construct our forms how could we give continuousness of care? With no one to bring to us the great advances in healthcare, how would we implement them?
I’d like to thank Debbie Hall for being one of the people that brings to our patients the best care possible. She works tirelessly to expand our imaginations, encourage our growth, develop processes to care for our patients, and support us in working together. From the PFCC to the NLC she takes care of the patient’s of Collierville hospital. It is her generous leadership and support of time, energy and resources that allows the bedside nurse to do the job they do. She is indispensable in the mission of the nurses of this hospital. It can sometimes be a thankless job in any industry to be the person in the background that makes everything come together and it should not be. Thank you Debbie for everything you do for us and for our patients.
Leslie Dunlap, RN

I have worked very closely with Debbie and envy her motivation, compassion and dedication to everything she does here. Even though Debbie is not at the bedside she thinks of the patients and their families in everything she does. Every time she is working on a project she always says “what is best for the patient”? She is the only person I know that would have rather attended a Patient Family Centered Care meeting than go on a cruise for vacation. Debbie is always willing to help and is excited to share her ideas. I admire Debbie and her compassion for patient care. She makes me want to try harder at everything I do. If patients only knew the hard work Debbie does behind the scenes to make their stay comfortable and safe…they would be nominating her.
Lisa Marascuilo

I would like to say a few words about Debbie Hall and how instrumental she has been in my success as a Nurse here at Baptist-Collierville.
Debbie has always been there for me throughout my Nursing career. She always has a smile and a willingness to help. Debbie takes that extra step and always goes above and beyond. I admire her organizational skills and ability to get things done.
Debbie always puts the patients first. Whatever project she is working on; it is the patient’s benefit and safety that is on top of her list. She has a great way of sharing and making others comfortable so that they too open up, share and contribute.
Debbie has done a wonderful job with the nurse interns. I can see an improvement with the Interns throughout the hospital. The most important thing is that these Interns are happy and getting a positive image of our facility. They are all most helpful and intelligent.
I cannot say enough about what Debbie has done for me and the way she has helped me grow in my Nursing Career. But I would like, at this time, to thank her for all she is.
Marianne Walters, RN

Such a wonderful person to give it to! I have never seen Debbie giving less than 110% in whatever it is she is doing: whether it's developing new or better protocols to enhance patient care, directing meetings that improve patient outcomes, or helping you decorate your office! Her positive, wonderful attitude radiates outward and you can't help but want to be like that too! Debbie is such a valuable asset to Baptist Collierville and I am extremely proud to work alongside her.
Melinda Wolfe, RN

She is always putting patient care first. She is always looking for ways to improve patient care and making sure that it affects the nurses in a positive way.
Even though Debbie is not at the bedside she is what helps keep the bedside care running so smoothly. She is the glue that keeps it together. She is always willing to help. "I don’t have time" is not in her vocabulary. I only wish I could instill just half the motivation she has in all the employees…BMH-Collierville would be unstoppable.
Melissa Bateman, RN

I am honored to nominate Debbie Hall for the Daisy Award. Debbie is a vital member of the Collierville leadership team and works tirelessly meeting the needs of patients, their families, and the staff. Her excitement and passion to hardwire processes that better patient care is evident from the moment you first meet Debbie. She exemplifies what it is to be a true patient advocate, exudes caring and compassion, has exceptional clinical and critical thinking skills, and without a doubt goes above and beyond each of us here at Collierville. I am honored to call Debbie both a colleague and a friend.
Miki Rowe, RN