Deborah Cooper

Deborah Cooper, RN

Acquired Brain Injury Program
Shepherd Center
Atlanta, Georgia
United States

Today, the shift started off short one nurse. All the PCTs were maxed out with their patient load and early this morning the secretary called out (it is Monday, the busiest day of the week). Deborah was in charge and never complained about the staffing issues. She quickly completed the assignment, assigned the phones, sat in the secretary's desk and assumed the duties of that position. I watched her as she put in orders, opened the door for families and staff, answered the phone, put the assignment in the responder, answered questions regarding patient care and procedures for the day, answer call lights ringing to the nurses station, take off orders and transcribed them to the MARs,and fixed a medication discrepancy in the Pyxis made on the prior shift. This was all before 0745 when I left to go home. She was able to do all these tasks with a smile on her face. I am inspired by her and strive to be more like her. This is the kind of nurse I would want to take care of me and my family because it is obvious she cares about EVERYTHING.