Deborah Botts

Debbie Botts

Deborah Botts, RN

Medical / Surgical
Kaiser Permanente San Rafael Medical Center
San Rafael, California
United States
Debbie remembered me right away. She made me feel very special with that.

Debbie was always caring and concerned about me. We talked during her times in my room and she mentioned she was just starting a project around the house; I told her about my job as an elementary school secretary, how much I missed not being there and about funny things kids would say. Debbie was always on top of things medically and always made sure to include me and my family in discussion, explanations, etc. She was always extremely caring and compassionate – I was dealing with a tough situation for me and she made it clear how much she cared about me, my health, etc. When I had to return to the hospital for 10 days recently, Debbie was again one of my nurses and she remembered me right away. I asked how her house project had turned out and she was surprised I had remembered. Then she asked me about my job at school and I was amazed she remembered details about me, with all the patients she has! She made me feel very special with that, along with all of her excellent nursing skills. She is an exceptional nurse.