Deborah Bailey

Deborah Bailey, RN

O.R. Nurses, Inc., A Division of Source One Healthcare Professionals
Germantown, Tennessee
United States

Deb was chosen as a DAISY Award Honoree because she "always does her job as expected, paying close attention to the details". Her supervisor notes that "her attentiveness truly makes a difference in the lives of her patients". Deb's attention to detail recently helped her catch a labeling error on a particular medication in the hospital's inventory. She immediately reported the problem, made sure her patient received the correct dosage, and saved the hospital thousands of dollars. In addition to this, Deb is a "good example and mentor to less experienced staff". She is "extremely knowledgeable of best practices in the O.R. and always comes to work with high energy and a positive attitude". Deborah was nominated by her supervisor at the University of New Mexico Hospital, where she works in the O.R.