Deborah Anderson

Deborah Anderson, RN

Case Management
Wilson Memorial Hospital
Sidney, Ohio
United States
Deb did not have to go the extra steps for the patient, but she did. She knew his life depended on it.

I recently met with a patient on Acute Care.   The patient required insulin to stay alive.  However, he waited until he was completely out before he got his insulin prescription refilled only to find out that his insurance had dropped him from the plan.  He had no money so he went without his insulin until he got so sick he had to come to the hospital.

Deb did everything she could to get this patient covered by insurance with no luck.  He had exhausted all of the programs available to him.  She then started searching for insulin.   She called numerous contacts until she found some insulin for him.  She worked on this for several hours.  She would not give up. During this time Deb also advised the young patient on how to reapply and maintain his insurance.  Deb did not have to go the extra steps for the patient, but she did.  She knew his life depended on it. 

She has taken the extra steps for her patients before and shows an extraordinary ability to "fix" problems without the patients realizing the many hoops she has gone through for them.  She cares about these people.