Deborah Ahlers
December 2015
Infusion Therapy, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center
Lahey Health
United States




Deborah Ahlers  has provided excellent nursing care throughout her career. This desire to deliver excellence is manifested in several ways, all of which play a role in delivering quality care to her patients.

First of all she is the primary preceptor in our area. As such she leads by example and is a true resource for those new to the department or just helping out. Her confident and reassuring manner is a source of comfort for our patients.

Secondly, Debbie has been our Epic resource champion. Over and above her full time schedule, she attended Epic meetings, taught the rest of us the intricacies of the new system, making sure the new plans were safe and effective for us to use to deliver quality care in our area.

Lastly, she is also a member of the Lahey Engagement Team and the ambulatory council, working diligently to provide a better environment for both our staff and patients.

Deborah Ahlers has earned the DAISY Award for helping to improve the patient care experience in our department.