Debbie Smith

Debbie Smith

Debbie Smith, RN

Medical Oncology
Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center
Medford, Oregon
United States

My family member was in the hospital and received outstanding and compassionate care while battling kidney cancer. We had a large amount of family who were visiting and arrangements were made to get a bigger room so everyone could be together. Every effort was made to get my loved one comfortable and out of pain, so a referral was made to the Palliative Care team. They actually had to track down the last epidural catheter that was available (thank you also Dr. Brian Hall) so that the patient could be sent home on long term pain IV meds.

The moment that I recall best was when Debbie called my nephew’s officer while he was stationed in Afghanistan to get him home right away so he could spend time with his dying loved one. These nurses rarely have time for lunch or to go to the restroom and she took precious time to make several calls to get our nephew home. That goes above and beyond and I would love for Debbie to be recognized. I have been a floor nurse with Debbie and worked with her as a Utilization Review nurse in the past as well. She has always given compassionate, outstanding care to patients, family members, and fellow co-workers.

Thank you for your wonderful work, and congratulations, Debbie!