Debbie Goldsberry

Debbie Goldsberry, RN

Labor and Delivery
Saint Agnes Medical Center
Fresno, California
United States

Debbie Goldsberry, RN
Labor and Delivery
It’s safe to say we’ve all
known the feeling of
needing an extra hand.
But how we respond to
these difficult situations
can look very different.
Debbie Goldsberry saw
a need in her department, but rather than
walk away, she stepped into action – even
working an additional six-hour shift over
her already scheduled 10-hour workday.
Debbie was truly dedicated to making sure
her team was taken care of and that the
job was done right. “I can’t leave my girls
short,” Debbie expressed to her nominator.
Debbie is being recognized for her
dedication to the department and for
her outstanding leadership skills.