Debbie Bowman

Debbie Bowman, RNC-NIC

Saint Peter's University Hospital (NJ)
New Brunswick, New Jersey
United States

The following was written by Debbie Bowman’s co-worker:
I have worked with Debbie Bowman for the past nine years. I have always looked up to her as one of our most experienced nurses. She has been a role model for me and I truly admire the exceptional care she provides our babies as well as the compassion she gives to the families in our unit. I recently had a different experience with the NICU, instead of being a nurse, my daughter was a patient, and I was there as a mom. I was a terrified mom, who despite my experience was as scared and overwhelmed as ay new parent. Debbie was her nurse that first night, and of course she gave my daughter wonderful care. Debbie has a very calming nature about her and supported and calmed me down better then anyone else could that day. Our experience in the NICU could not have been better. Everyone was great, but Debbie was exceptional. She really does a great job all the time, but having experienced her nursing skills as a patient as well as a co-worker, I just wanted to recognize and thank her. She exemplifies the type of nurse that I strive to be and really is an outstanding role model for all.