Debbie Becker

Debbie Becker

Debbie Becker, RN

Saint Agnes Medical Center
Fresno, California
United States
Debbie spent a tremendous amount of time out of her day building a special rapport with her patient.

Debbie Becker was nominated by a fellow 20-year colleague who has witnessed her loving dedication to our patients.

“Debbie is one of the most exceptional nurses that I have had the pleasure working with. She exudes a loving, calm and compassionate demeanor which is an attribute that all nurses desire. Debbie gives nothing less than 100 percent of herself when caring for her patients. She is fully present and an active listener to patient and family questions, concerns, fears, and anxieties.”

One experience deeply moved her nominator when Debbie was caring for a patient whose family was very conflicted with making decisions on goals of care and end-of-life matters. Not only was this patient suffering from a terminal illness, but he was suffering from emotional pain and immense physical pain. Debbie was steadfast throughout this situation by consistently educating the patient and family while supporting them for several days across many disciplines without much resolve.

“She spent a tremendous amount of time out of her day sitting, praying and building a special rapport with her patient to understand his concerns, fears, and needs. Her dedication, compassion and active listening to her patient’s emotional, physical and spiritual needs, allowed her patient and family to be comfortable with their final decisions. At the request of her patient and with the support of his family, her patient was able to comfortably transition home with the support of Hospice.”