Deb McCoy

Deb McCoy

Deb McCoy, RN

St. Mary's Medical Center
Grand Junction, Colorado
United States
Deb makes sure her peers get lunch, even if she won't, and always remains positive in those situations.

Over the last year, I have gotten to know Deb McCoy not only as a person but as an incredible leader and role model to all her peers.  She is constantly focused on what is the right thing for any patient in her care.  She proactively reviews charts to see if there is anything that can be done prior to the patient being seen by a physician, which in turn reduces patient wait times.  Her unmatched compassion is infectious and sets a wonderful example for others in the department to follow and look up to.  Her positivity is unmatched, and even when things seem to be crashing around everyone else you can always count on Deb to remain calm and collected, giving others clear direction.

As a leader, Deb is clear and concise, but still fair and understanding.  She is the first to admit error and ensure it's not only fixed, but that she knows what the root of the issue was, so it won't happen again.  In times of high stress in the ED, it is wonderful to know that Deb will not only keep a clear controlled mindset, but that is will run smoothly despite the patient load.  She makes sure that patients are followed up on and that everyone is as comfortable as possible in any situation.  Every decision she makes is well thought out, even if a quick decision has to be made.

A good example of all Deb’s strengths was when I noted that we were 2 nurses short in the department, leaving everyone stretched very thin.  Deb took on Super Track patients of her own, while being able to be the Charge Nurse, and still available for both her patients and her peers.  She stayed calm through the whole 12-hour shift, never wavering on her care for her patients or her drive to run the department and assist her peers with their questions or concerns.  I have also noticed on many occasions that Deb makes sure her peers get lunch (even if she won't) and always remains positive in those situations.  She is constantly asking others if she can do anything to help them, even when she is in charge.  She is not a leader by giving directions, she is a leader who you know is in this with you!  No matter what is happening you can always count on Deb to be consistent and positive.  She meets challenges head-on and leads the most stressful situations with grace and positivity.