Deanna Stein

Deanna Stein, RN

Manager of Infusion and Wound Care, Salem Hospital
Salem Health
Salem, Oregon
United States

Deanna Stein is the manager of the Infusion & Wound Care Department of Salem Hospital. She is really awesome in so many ways, I know I speak for everyone that works with her when I sing her praises.

Deanna has worked at Salem Hospital since 1987. She started out as a CNA, working while getting her LPN. Then in 1988, she earned her ADN at Chemeketa Community College and since has worked in many different departments making her a very diversified and highly skilled nurse. Oncology, ICU, Emergency, Staff Education and SHAPES are the departments that were fortunate enough to have her on staff. If you asked anyone who ever worked with her in any of those departments, they would say that she was one of the most sincere and compassionate nurses they ever worked with.

She came to our department over a year ago. She took on the challenge of becoming manager of our outpatient department that serves a very diverse population with a multitude of needs. While taking on this new full time position, she has been working full bore on her Masters in Nursing. She even got published in a nursing journal! She does all this while keeping a smile on her face and many times working side by side with us on the floor when we need an extra hand. She also helps the CNA’s with their extra duties when needed to keep the clinic running smoothly. We all feel valued by her. She handles disgruntled patients with grace and seems to be able to smooth out even the most prickly problems with her gift of diplomacy. Her dedication to improving patient satisfaction has been contagious and our department scores are on the upward swing! She is an inspiration to all of us nurses and deeply respected. Along with all this, she attends all the meetings that the managers are required to go to and then takes time to bake or buy goodies for us to have on our break!!!

She’s had to deal with some difficult family issues during the time she’s been with us, most recently, being the health care advocate for her mother. Her mother was recently diagnosed with cancer and Deanna has taken on helping her through the ups and downs of treatment, doctor’s appointments and support at home. She was helping to caregive her terminally ill mother-in-law up until July when she passed away. Deanna is able to put herself in other’s “shoes” because of her diverse nursing background. This makes her one of those exceptional nurses that shine as an example for others.