Deanna Goff

Deanna Goff

Deanna Goff, RN

James A. Haley VA Hospital
Tampa, Florida
United States

Deanna Goff is always an advocate for our patients and family. Recently a patient and his wife personally requested supportive advice as they realized the patient was slowly dying from metastatic cancer. She met with this couple on multiple occasions educating them on the patient’s rights, hospice, our palliative care team and the role each of these entities play. She compassionately explained the physiologic process, the patient’s current state, and phases of the dying process. The couple tearfully acknowledged their acceptance of his terminal state. Deanna helped them express this to the physicians, who were continuing to order medical interventions, lab work, etc. She was instrumental in getting a rapid consult for the palliative care team who interviewed couple and her efforts resulted in the patient being discharged to Hospice.

The patient expired a few days later. The wife called expressing her gratitude for Deanna Goff’s assistance aiding their ability to face his dying with strong hearts and peaceful thoughts.

The couple’s 2 daughters (in Colorado & Oregon) called expressing sincere gratitude for the support given their parents during this difficult time. This is one of many examples of the dedication shown by Deanna.