Deanna Christianson

Deanna Christianson

Deanna Christianson, BSN, RN

Day Surgery Center
United Hospital
St. Paul, Minnesota
United States
Deanna held my hand; she made me feel safe.

I recently learned of an event that took place at DSC about 2 months ago. We had a patient that came in for surgery following a miscarriage. The patient was very emotional, tearful, and grieving the loss of her pregnancy. She shared with the DSC team that her pre-op experience was tolerable, in part, because of the care and empathy she received from OR nurse Deanna Christianson.

She stated that Deanna extended that care and compassion with her transfer into the OR, and then again in PACU immediately after surgery. The patient stated she did not know how she made it through the significant loss except by the care that Deanna (and others) provided to her.

"Deanna held my hand; she made me feel safe. She told me she would take good care of me when I woke up from surgery. Then she was really there when I woke up and I was so happy to see her face and feel her hold my hand."

Two weeks later, this patient brought a small bud vase with flowers into the DSC and asked that they be shared with the nurses that cared for her. She did not have names for all of those involved with her care, yet, remembered Deanna was one nurse who stood out.

Deanna, you made a lasting impression with this patient by demonstrating true nursing care and compassion at a time when it was really needed. Thank you for being a positive influence on the patients you care for. Thank you for making a difference!