Dawn Graves

Dawn Graves, RN, PCC

Cath Lab
Methodist North Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

“Dawn was at her son’s Shelby County School picking him up in the afternoon. While she was in the school office, Kenneth Richmond, a Memphis firefighter was also there picking up his children. Kenneth collapsed at the front desk and Dawn immediately assessed the situation and began CPR. The school had an AED on hand and Kenneth was successfully defibrillated before the EMS arrived. He was taken to the hospital where an AICD was implanted. He is recovering at home now with his family. Dawn’s quick response and the AED on hand saved Kenneth’s life. Kenneth’s wife calls her their angel!” – Nominated by Cheryl Scott.

We would like to congratulate the November DAISY Award Winner, Dawn Graves, RN, PCC in the Cath Lab. She was nominated for this award because of her extraordinary clinical skills and compassionate care given to one of Shelby County’s finest.
Dawn exemplifies Methodist values of service, quality, integrity, and teamwork!