David Stephens

David Stephens, RN

Aurora West Allis Medical Center
West Allis, Wisconsin
United States

The night of St. Nick, and as I understand, they have done this for the past several years, David dons a Santa outfit and Samantha is his assistant.  They come in on their own time, did prep work at home making stockings and Santa visited each child in the NICU.  Samantha made sure each child was dressed appropriately for their Santa visit, placed each child - one at a time- in Santa’s caring arms and then snapped a photo to create a lifelong memory.  Samantha then placed each photo after printed into stockings her family made together.  These were left at the bedside for us to have.  David then went to L&D and postpartum to see if any other parents wanted a picture of their infant with Santa.  These two nurses brought joy to a lot of hearts during a holiday.  They are truly great people and caregivers.