David Retzer

David Retzer

David Retzer, RN, SBN

Surgical Intermediate and Telemetry Unit
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
Park Ridge, Illinois
United States
David makes me feel competent and not afraid to ask questions.

I'm a new grad nurse and honestly, starting your first nursing job is scary but I am so grateful to have started on this unit. All of the nurses have been amazing, and they really care. However, in particular, I want to acknowledge David. I have learned more from him in my short time working on the unit than I ever have in any of my clinical experiences combined. I'm not exaggerating.

David makes me feel competent and not afraid to ask questions. In fact, I'm asking more questions than ever because he genuinely seems to care and want to help me become a great nurse. David is a prime example of why I started to work as a nurse. It's evident that his patients feel safe, comfortable and cared for.

Not only is David a great nurse to his patients who always seem so happy and thankful to see him, but the interactions I have seen him have with Attendings, Residents, PT/OT, techs, etc. is so wonderful. The collaboration I have seen within the interdisciplinary care in order to advocate for his patients has taught me so much. He takes the time to get to know his co-workers and always has a smile on his face and says hi and asking them if they're okay or need anything.

David is also always helping out any of the other nurses or techs in need and puts the patient first. So far, I have loved coming into work and it makes me proud to be an Advocate nurse, and specifically a 7/Tele nurse.