Daryl Halsted

Daryl Halsted

Daryl Halsted, RN, CEN

Aurora Lakeland Medical Center
Kenosha, Wisconsin
United States

On December 6, 2013, I was working with Dr. Shenfeld, Mary Vail-Jones-RN, Daryl Halsted-RN, and Janet Johnson-Tech when I experienced a syncopal episode, which resulted in a significant head injury. Without skipping a beat, everyone quickly responded and jumped into action. Within minutes, c-collar was applied, IV placed, blood drawn, fluids started, monitor placed, vitals completed, and I was rushed to CT.

No ER nurse anticipates during a shift having one of their fellow nurses drop to the floor unresponsive. Without skipping a beat, Daryl and Mary jumped into action. Daryl, with Janet's help cared for the rest of the patients while Mary was attending to me. It is so hard as a nurse to be the patient, especially while vomiting more times than anyone one of us could begin to count as well as being toileted by a co-worker, but Mary was so kind and compassionate, while allowing me to maintain my dignity. I could never thank her enough!

Daryl and Mary would never boast, so I will do it for them. Their nursing care and compassion for others goes beyond the walls of our ER. It is now three weeks after my injury and they continue to call, stop by my home, or text me at least two or three times a week to see how I am doing and to see if my family or I need anything. They not only do this for me, but they also continue to visit and care for our former ER nurse who had a stroke about a year ago. As seasoned nurses Daryl and Mary purposefully seize many opportunities to teach and strengthen my critical thinking as a newer nurse. What they probably don't realize are the many times in which I observe them naturally demonstrating strong character, courage, critical thinking, compassion, kindness, and sacrifice. I often think, "I can weave that into my daily life and nursing practice".

I am a better person and caregiver because of these two nurses and for that I am forever grateful!