Darrian Carter
August 2018
Orlando Regional Medical Center
United States




I met Darrian at ORMC on the Vascular Unit, the first day I met her, I knew she had a heart of gold. She met me at a low point in my hospitalization. I already had one unsuccessful procedure and needed to be transferred to Augusta, Georgia for further treatment. I was very emotional and feeling down when Darrian decided to share with me a book she was reading. She said she found the book to be very encouraging and felt it would make me feel better. I felt delighted that she was willing to share this with me. The next day she came in and told me she would be sending me off to Augusta. I was very nervous and made a statement about wanting "rescue" food before I left. Next thing I knew, Darrian returned with a chocolate chip cookie from Panera. What topped it all off is when the paramedics came, I was told the travel to Augusta would be non-stop. Darrian was concerned about me getting hungry along the way. She then packed me a lunch from her own lunchbox and gave me her lucky charm to take with me for good luck. Darrian has the heart of an angel and her love for her patients is genuine, she is a true DAISY Nurse.


I wanted to reach out to you regarding one of our nurses. She had a patient that needed vascular intervention, but after waiting for NPO, it had to be re-scheduled. Yesterday, our patient sat in pre-post waiting for his intervention for about 7 hours. Unfortunately, the procedure had to be canceled again due to an emergent case. He was brought back to our unit with the hope of going back later, the same day. But it was canceled past the time dinner trays are distributed. Last night, the patient was upset, frustrated, and very hungry. This nurse asked him what she could do or change to make this better for him. Jokingly, he stated, “I want a steak”. She called 4343, but there was only one person available at the time and could not make this happen for our patient. She could have given him a box lunch or went to our cafeteria to get him a burger. But knowing her, she needed to make this right for her patient. She called Gators Dockside and ordered him a steak. After a long, busy day she gave report and drove to Gators Dockside and picked up the order. She presented her patient with his wish after a very disappointed 2 days, a steak dinner. She went above and beyond her duties as a nurse to make a difference in somebody’s day. I believe she truly deserves this recognition for her compassion and care. She went beyond her duty and role as a nurse to make a difference in our patient’s hospital stay.