Darlyn Reyes

Darlyn Reyes

Darlyn Reyes, BSN, RN

Pediatric Surgical Ward - A2
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Riyadh
Riyadh, Ar Riyad
Saudi Arabia
Darlyn is empathetic and passionate about providing great care. She is a role model nurse and we admire her sensitivity through her interactions.

Darlyn Reyes is an awesome Nurse, Colleague, Patient Care Advocate, and Team Player. Her deeply embedded focus is Patient Safety. She understands the vision, mission, and values of King Faisal and applies them daily throughout her care for our patients and families. She demonstrates accountability, responsibility, and flexibility and always supports the team. Some examples include:

Accountability- She always makes herself available. She has been preceptor to new SNIs, Nurse Interns, and NGPD Nurses and is always willing to volunteer her assistance if they have any questions. She is very approachable and even if she has a heavy load of patients she remains respectful and professional and will assist in the best way she can.

Responsibility- Darlyn shows this in many ways! We commonly have patients that have difficult IV access. She’s fully aware of this and has sharpened her clinical skills in a way that she has become our go-to person if we cannot successfully insert an IV. She will step in to assist us without question and even make sure that we are available to learn from her techniques by walking us through as she completes this task.

Flexibility- Darlyn is as flexible as a pretzel when it comes to adjusting her schedule to work on a shift where we are not adequately staffed. She has countlessly adjusted her vacation schedules to shorten or change the dates if she sees that we will not have stable staffing. She cares about the team a lot and would rather stay to help us. She also adjusts her schedule for swaps when we have schedule difficulties.  She is very kind and we really appreciate that she is willing to help in this area.

Darlyn is a strong patient advocate and treats our patients and families with dignity, respect, and equality. She has integrity and consistently enters SRSs and reports any near misses. She will then follow up by reporting findings to the appropriate team members: Charge Nurse, Nursing Supervisor on Nights, Physicians, Leadership, and Ancillary teams. She is a natural leader. She will jump in to help with RRTs and Codes and assist with very difficult patients without prompt. She takes initiative and seeks out learning opportunities and she shares her information with the staff regularly.

Darlyn naturally promotes an environment of care and compassion. Patients and families also love Darlyn as much as the team does. Daily our patients and families request her and they look forward to her being on shift. She takes time with her patients to listen to them, address any needs whether minor or major, and she genuinely cares about their experience here on our unit. She ensures she understands their circumstances, expectations, and concerns and responds to them as accurately and timely as possible.

Darlyn is empathetic and passionate about providing great care. She is a role model nurse and we admire her sensitivity through her interactions. She is always cheerful and has a positive attitude. She does not hesitate to speak up and since she does it in a caring manner her messages are heard and everyone listens. She is a champion for change on our unit and is always looking for process improvements to help the team and our patients.

Darlyn gives her all on every duty. She wears her heart on her sleeve and always delivers high standards of care. She is a valued member of our A2 team and we would love to recognize her for her drive, hard work, commitment to excellence, and impactful Nursing care.