Darla Gruber-Rigard

Darla Gruber-Rigard, RN

Family Medicine Services
Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Medical Center
Santa Rosa, California
United States

“I was seeing the doctor because of a condition I had. Darla recognized I was in pain while in the waiting room and quickly put me in a quiet procedure room where I could lie down because I was in so much pain. She quickly got the doctor to see me and my doctor prescribed a small injection to help with the pain. Darla got me blankets and some juice for the “dry mouth” because of the medication. She made me feel as comfortable as she could under the circumstances. She quickly got the meds and as gently as she could; gave me the shot. Then she asked if I needed more blankets or juice. Then she did something amazing, during her lunch hour, Darla pulled up a chair and stayed with me; chatting with me to help keep my mind off the pain until the medication kicked in. She kept calm and kept me safe as I entered her care. This is why I nominate her.”