Darla Eghlinger

Darla Eghlinger

Darla Eghlinger, RN

NCH Healthcare System
Naples, Florida
United States

My daughter desperately wanted to attempt a VBAC and no doctor in Ft. Myers would even consider it. At 27 weeks, she saw a new group in Naples who were VBAC friendly. Her experience the first time delivering her son at another hospital was traumatic and she was determined to do anything to prevent experiencing it again with her daughter. We arrived this past Friday night and at 6:30 am, a ray of sunshine entered our room....Darla. She not only pulled everything out of her "labor" hat to help my daughter have a successful VBAC, her instinct and advice were superior to any L&D nurse I have ever met (I'm an RN). She built trust with our daughter during her 12 hours with us, which in the end, played a huge role in her accepting that she had to have a C-Section.

This young woman represented NCH brilliantly and with true compassion in helping Whitney achieve what she wanted the entire labor. The doctor on call was not pro-VBAC, but would do it because he was covering for Dr. M. Darla's instinct prior to the doctor coming back into the room after she stopped dilating at 8.5cm was amazing...she was going to let the doctor check her progress, but decided a few minutes later she would check dilation first. So she was the one who delivered the C-Section news, not the doctor we didn't trust/know (he was great, just does a lot of C-Sections). The whole experience from my point of view was spectacular. Please give whatever kudos you can to this beautiful nurse. She made a potentially difficult situation easier and joyful. She was able to be in the OR for the C-Section and in recovery after the birth of our granddaughter.

We are blessed Darla was a part of our first experience with NCH.