Danielle Michelle Moyle

Michelle Moyle

Danielle Michelle Moyle, RN

University Medical Center of Southern Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
Michelle helped us feel connected to our new support system.

We looked forward to the days when Michelle was our nurse. She recognized us as real people and spent time getting to know us. We were mentally and emotionally drained after about day two and we found being in the hospital for 24 hours a day to be a lonely and isolating experience.  Michelle helped us feel connected to our new support system.

Michelle provided exceptional care for our son and even though our 18-month-old patient didn’t express his appreciation for his care, we knew he was in good hands. She was precise and knowledgeable about what she was doing and she demonstrated confidence, which helped us feel more comfortable. We found that we held questions until Michelle was around because we trusted her answers. And, most importantly, she understood how to connect with us personally to “tell it like it is”.

When it was my husband’s birthday, Michelle brought him a cake. And, when I told Michelle I was on a diet and eating broccoli, she brought me cookies. I won’t say that was the best for our health, but it was what was needed to keep us mentally able to deal with the trauma of our son’s illness.

Michelle exemplifies the best of nursing. She is caring, sympathetic, nurturing and funny. In addition to being a nurse, Michelle was our friend. Michelle helped us believe we would recover.