Danielle Blanton

Danielle Blanton

Danielle Blanton, RN

Main Operating Room
The Woman's Hospital of Texas
Houston, Texas
United States

Danielle, as a circulator, is very confident of her abilities. She can multi-task, identify, analyze and solve issues and problems. She is very cheerful when talking to her patients. She has the ability to make them feel at ease and creates a friendly environment during their surgical experience.

Recently, Danielle went above and beyond in a critical OR case. "Danielle was a prime mover and organizer during a severe OR crisis. She not only did her job, but helped everyone else in the OR (20 people). She was a major factor in the patient's survival after transfusion of 33 units of blood. She has demonstrated her extraordinary skills in other emergencies as well. But on a daily basis, she is charming, friendly, funny, and competent. She makes a day of work more fun and productive by far." (Dr. JL)


"Danielle has exhibited her superior clinical expertise in at least three critical, life threatening situations in the past few months. Anytime we are faced with a life-threatening event in the hospital setting, it can be difficult to maintain composure and react quickly. Danielle has done just that in each instance. Her care, compassion, sense of humor, and professional attitude set her apart from the others. She is an asset to this facility and deserves the recognition for her daily performance. She also sets a great example for how all nurses should perform." (CS, CRNA)