Danielle Benedict

Danielle Benedict, RN

Progressive Care Unit
Mercy Health - West Hospital
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

...Danielle never failed to check on me in a timely manner, always answered all my questions, got "ANYTHING" I needed, did her job and does it well. My two favorite things are

1. She did her duties always with a smile on her face and never once complained no matter how much I bugged her.

And number 2. Most importantly she made my stay here at Mercy West Hospital feel like I was more at "home" and that's the way a hospital stay should feel. If I had one wish it would be that I myself could have done more for myself during my stay because I have always done what I need for myself and for Danielle to step up and do what she did for me through my stay speaks volumes in my eyes. And so everyone knows I put her through the ringer, let me tell you, well at least I feel I asked for more than I should have and like I said, not once did she do what I asked without a smile on her face.

Lastly, I would like to say not only is her family lucky to have her as a mother and wife, but all of her family here at Mercy West should feel very lucky to have such a caring, giving, honest, hardworking employee work for them and giving the care and treatment to your patients as what Danielle Benedict did for me! With that said, I would like to say Thank You to Danielle It was my pleasure to have met you, you deserve even more than a DAISY Award in my eyes!