Danielle Allen
August 2020
Correctional Nursing
Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc.
United States




Dr. S's students worked with community agencies, providing students an opportunity to experience the health needs of vulnerable populations. Several of Dr. S's students have chosen correctional nursing as a result of their clinical experiences with Danielle.

Danielle demonstrated how to be a good mediator for the inmate and the correctional health care system. Danielle acted as a patient advocate and readily established a good rapport with inmates, correctional officers, and staff. Danielle provided learning opportunities for the students to learn assessment interview techniques and technical interventions such as administration of TB tests.

Students stated, "she turned an intimidating experience into an enjoyable experience that we learned from." Danielle's professional demeanor and easy-going nature created a student-focused clinic while providing excellent clinical care to inmates. Danielle is diligent in her care and non-judgmental in her approach to inmates. Danielle is an advocate for correctional nursing and shared the positive focus when caring and working inside the jail. She is singularly building the capacity for correctional nursing.