Daniel Bezila

Daniel Bezila

Daniel Bezila, BSN, RN

Unit 11E Ortho Trauma
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Mercy
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Daniel Bezila shows genuine care and concern for his patients. As a very young nurse, Dan showed his true spirit and compassion. We had an Amish gentleman that was admitted with a burn injury. The patient’s daughter had sustained an unrecoverable injury. Dan showed great empathy to the patient & family throughout the patient’s short stay on our unit.  The patient was going to be discharged to spend time with his very ill daughter. His clothes were permeated with smoke; the patient was reluctant to wear paper scrubs or donated clothing. Dan reached out to see if there was a solution. He personally took the patient’s clothes to the rehab unit and laundered them for the patient. The patient was extremely grateful and was able to be discharged with clean clothing to spend time with his daughter. Although it was a small act of kindness, it truly shows the character of a great nurse at an early point in his career.

Dan continues to exhibit these values and behaviors every shift that he works.

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