Daniel Beldin

Daniel Beldin

Daniel Beldin, RN

Med-Surgical Services
University Hospital
Augusta, Georgia
United States

My mother was on the 6th floor as a patient for about 3 weeks. She was very happy whenever Daniel was her nurse. Here's a special story about his extraordinary care:

My mother had turned 90, and all of her children and grandchildren (almost 20 people in all) had come from all over the country to celebrate with her, with a party long-planned for Thursday. But Mom was still in the hospital even though we were thinking that Mom would be in a rehab facility by then! At the last minute, Daniel worked a miracle in arranging for the University Hospital dining staff to throw my mom a party, complete with punch, cake, balloons, a special room, and more. It really made my mom happy. Daniel also took charge of moving my mom down to the 1st floor and back up to the 6th floor - he made that so easy on her even in her feeble condition. He was amazing and wonderful!


Note: This is Daniel's 2nd DAISY Award!